In the footsteps of K. H. Mácha

If you do not know where to go for the weekend and still feel that something is going out, that you want to change the environment, relax from the housework that you, if you are at home, peeking at every corner, go to the chalets and cottages. It is the perfect remedy to get rid of the submarine disease, how to come to other thoughts and clean your head. You can go alone in the woods, you can organize fighting games with children. However, you can also set out in the footsteps of our famous poet Karel Hynek Mácha.

If you hear the word menagerie, you probably imagine a lot of cages with animals of all kinds, for example, at the circus. But it may be something else, if we write this word with a great Z. That is, menagerie. It's a ruin of an ancient castle. His name is not derived from the circus animals, it is from the zodiac sign. In the vicinity you can rent chalets and cottages, which are available throughout the year. You can go for a nice sightseeing tour of the area, and enjoy winter or summer sports.

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