May 04

Durable Infant Clothing

Baby clothes are here for you who have or expect the arrival of a new member in your family. For your baby, we have everything you need. You will surely choose from a large number of dupes, spikes, T-shirts, shrts and other outfits of different styles or different color combinations. Do you need baby bottles, pacifiers, rattles or bite rings?
All of you have baby clothes, shop where you buy everything you need. Do you have a bigger baby? Also for him you buy, we offer clothes and different needs for children under 6 years. With us you have a selection of the English fashion brand Dirty Fingers.
Cool Gadgets for your kids
We all strive to make our products as beautiful as possible for your smallest and best quality and especially comfortable for your little children. In our offer you can find many other things and newly we offer products from the brand Cool Baby, baby clothes.

May 04

Mácha Lake

Mácha Lake is a great place for holidays and leisure time. On its shores there are many possibilities of accommodation and recreational activities. It is a big pond in the Liberec region. It is the eighth largest pond in the Czech Republic.
Mácha's lake was named after Karel Hynek Máchy, who loved to spend his free time here. Another name of the lake is the big pond, or also the large Dokeský pond. Many hiking trails lead around the lake. Hiking can be enjoyed with the whole family.
Marked routes
The surrounding Mácha Lake is interclocked with hiking trails and bike paths. It is a popular tourist and recreation area. There are also instructious trails for the whole family. With children, you can also visit the Museum of the four-petal in Doksy.

May 04

Thanks to our company you can have beautiful hair

Do you need to find a supplier to help you with your visage? Do you want to work with a company that has both experience and practice in its field, and you do not need to worry that you will be unhappy with the hair extension? If that's the case, you can be confident that we'll give you what you want and need. Our name is Natur Hair and we always guarantee our customers full satisfaction. Therefore, cooperation with us will surely suit you.
We strive to make you love us
Our company is about you to really love us. We strive to let all customers leave us with what they need and not be afraid they get the best. This is why our company has such a good reputation among people throughout the Czech Republic.

May 04

Do you want to know how your holiday in the spa will evolve?

Do you prefer intense relaxation in the spa? Do you think about your health? Then do not close the door to the Internet portal, whose content could be helpful in connection with the offer of spa stays for seniors. Become close to verified information. Find out about the specific repertoire of individual hotels, spa houses and medical and therapeutic care that you do not know about. Simply and quickly you can get a tailored package of accommodation, meals, massages, baths and wraps. You can choose by region and type of stay.
We nominhave the best spa offers for your absolute satisfaction
Every spa Cure has its own special strength. Get in the hands of qualified staff in the field of medical care as well as in the area of accommodation, catering and realization of leisure activities. All this and much more offers you stays for seniors, which you can spend in Mariánské lázně, Karlovy Vary, luhačovice, Františkovy lázně, Karlově Studánce, Velké Losinách, Jeseník, Poděbrady and other spa complexes.

May 04

Fireplace – A place for sitting in two

If you want to spend a quiet vacation or a weekend alone or rather with your large family or many friends, but keep your privacy, then our nice chalets and cottages are the most suitable solution.
We are specialists in Nice chalets and cottages in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. With us you can find holiday rentals for rent with different accommodation capacity, with different equipment and in various attractive locations. Browse our website to learn more about the information about us, our rented premises, but also about the business conditions.
Chalets and cottages and hot line
In case you have ordered our nice chalets and cottages and there are some problems or faults during your arrival or during your stay, we have set up a hotline for you, which you can also contact us on the weekend and we will advise you on how to proceed further.

May 04

Diet to your home

We will bring you your diet

It's here. Your worst nightmare-don't turn on your jeans. No panic, in a month everything can be different. In two months, you may be throwing these jeans, because they'll be big. For this you will be helped by the carton Diet Prague.
Let us cook for you

Eating healthly is time consuming. First, purchase food with label study, then at home preparing each meal separately, breakfast, snacks and dinner. When we add a weak will to this, we have the perfect recipe for not losing weight. But what about such a boxed diet of Prague? You'll lose one joy with that.
Food to the House

The day begins with breakfast. Peel and chop vegetables, lubrate the bread, add ham, cheese, brew tea. You can fly to work before you get ready. How about boiling the tea and then just opening the box and foggy? That's exactly what you can do in Prague's boxed diet.