Tie najlepšie Bratislava Jasle plan tie Our

Do you need a high-quality Jasle Bratislava? Does your beloved child have a problem with the rest of the detiers, I do not want to eat toys, and the lice considers Clen to be their own? Verte that in our country we have had many more and they have learned how to deliť SA. Our individual approach to each špuntovi or only low number of members in one Triede is ideal first to learn about these qualities. With us all the teachings that every one of them is equal and important and has equal rights to the omnipole. Rôzne Fun Games help us to impart all sorts of members, children time of understanding that SA môžu spoľahnúť one on the other.
We adhere to the principles
Our daily program consists of the Danom mode. It is a very varied diet and an unbeared set of healthy beverages. After Obede, a relaxing moment, conceived by Ktorej Naberajú Detur of the forces needed on NASLEDUJÚCE activity. The power of the plan kreatívne activities, or already operation with papierom, cloth and other materials, nezabúdame or SA pesničky, dancing and ďalšie physical activity.

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